My name is Mark Archie. I worked in the auto industry for over ten years. I am a Certified Massage Therapist. and I am currently in school working on my Nursing degree. Working for Soda Stream has been a pleasant experience. I enjoy Marketing, and serving customers has been very a rewarding and fun time. I have been working with Productions-Plus for six months. The team I started with trained and advised me well.

My new Account Manager, Michelle Phillips has been very professional and a joy to work with. Ms Phillips respects and trusts her team and that gives me the confidence to do my job 110%. Both Ms Phillips and Ms Fiddler have always made me feel comfortable talking to them about any concerns I have about demonstrating. The Soda Stream Soda Maker is a great product and customers really enjoy seeing how it is made in just a few short minutes. In the past couple of months I have been getting return customers who have either purchased the machine during the holidays or received one as a gift. I get nothing but positive responses to the product and buyers are coming to pick up more flavors or co2 refills. As a demonstrator, customers have responded to me in a very positive way. I enjoy my position and I look forward to working. (I only wish I could demonstrate every day.) I feel I have some interesting Marketing ideas for Soda Stream and would like to share them someday. Again, I really enjoy my job and look forward to furthering my career with Productions-Plus and, or Soda Stream.

Mark Archie
Charlotte, North Carolina